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Welcome to the website that seeks to explore as much as there is to explore about all things Quality. The emphasis is on the ISO/IEC 15189 standard requirements for quality and competence.

The changing demands of our industry

Over the years, there has been a global shift in the way organizations and businesses are run. Quality Management has become a requirement and not an after-thought. For medical Laboratory services, the requirements set out in ISO 15189  have become the cornerstone for Quality Management. There is greater awareness of the need to satisfy the customer and the gravity of error in this industry. However, fulfilling the requirements of this standard can seem daunting.

My journey

I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist with more than 10 years experience as a Hospital Scientist, Quality Officer, ISO 15189 Laboratory Mentor and Quality Consultant. When I first started working towards accreditation with Laboratories in Zimbabwe, I found it hard to master the requirements of the standard and to find the best way to implement the requirements. However, as I progressed in the journey, I discovered that I did not need to reinvent the wheel. All the questions I had had been answered somewhere by someone who had them before me. Comforting as this was it was not always easy to find people with the time and experience to share ideas, ask questions or just share my frustrations with.

You don’t have to be alone

I cannot claim to know everything there is to know regarding this ever evolving subject. However, I believe my experience will be beneficial to someone out there who is just starting out, as well as  someone  looking for a different perspective.

Where possible I will point you to the resources available to make your journey easier. These resources may include:

  • Educational material e.g. books
  • Lab Information Systems,
  • Consultancy Services,
  • Training services,
  • EQA providers,
  • Auditing services,
  • Electronic QMS management Services,
  • Document Management and archival services, and
  • Waste management services e.t.c.

I hope you will also get to interact with like-minded people here. If you ever need a hand, have any questions, or just want to vent, free to use the comment section below. I believe I will also have a lot to learn from you as we share experiences.

All the best,


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